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from 12,000 foot altitude, on top of the Continental Divide.  

Ask about free transportation to many of our Continental Divide snowmobile tours, as well as complimentary hot chocolate and warming huts on many of the snowmobile trips in Copper, Keystone, Dillon & Silverthorne.

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Snowmobile Tour Options Include:
Snowmobiling Keystone
Snowmobiling Copper Mountain
Snowmobiling Frisco, Colorado
Snowmobiling Dillon, Colorado
Snowmobiling Silverthorne, Colorado

Snowmobiling Keystone | Snowmobiling Frisco | Snowmobiling Copper
Snowmobile Tours & Rentals near Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne & Copper Mountain, Colorado

Frisco, Dillon & Silverthorne Snowmobile Tours & Rentals is one of the best ways to explore Summit County and ensure a proper dose of adventure on your winter vacation.  The Colorado Rocky Mountains are ideal for snowmobiling, with miles of wide open meadows, powder filled bowls and groomed single tracks, ideal for every level rider, from beginner to expert.  High Country Activities offers a wide selection of Snowmobile Tours & Rentals in Frisco, Dillon & Silverthorne, as well as near the surrounding areas of Leadville & Copper Mountain.  Choose our Continental Divide Colorado snowmobile tours for stunning ridgline ascents, fast turns and views  
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Snowmobile Tours, Trips & Rentals in Summit County Colorado
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Snowmobiling Keystone Colorado
Snowmobile Tour Options Include:
Snowmobile Tours & Rentals Keystone
Snowmobiling Tours & Rentals Copper Mountain
Snowmobiling Tours & Rentals Frisco, Colorado
Snowmobiling Tours & Rentals Dillon, Colorado
Snowmobiling Tours & Rentals Silverthorne, Colorado

Tour Option 1 | Two Hour Snowmobile Tour
The two hour guided tour is perfect for families with children, couples who want to ride together on the same snowmobile, and single riders looking for a scenic adventure. There are two locations for this tour – Turquoise Lake near Leadville, or Georgia Pass between Frisco and Breckenridge. Experience is not required. Snowmobiles have a long seat and backrest for the passenger, high windshield, hand and feet warmers built in, and plenty of power. Informative guides take guests up through the forest, stopping at meadows for plenty of free riding time. On some tours, children weighing less than 70 pounds may take a turn on a ‘kiddie snowmobile’ in one of the play areas. Bring your camera and take advantage of many photo opportunities with spectacular views of high mountain peaks.
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Snowmobile Tours in Colorado
Tour Option 3 | Extreme Snowmobile Tour
The guided high adventure Extreme Snowmobile Tour is designed for thrill seekers wanting the ride of a lifetime. Guests will earn plenty of bragging rights after two or three hours of serious powder riding. Our professional guides will lead you through some of Colorado's highest, deepest and steepest backcountry bowls. Prior riding experience is highly recommended. Not for the timid of heart.

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Extreme Snowmobile Tours from Frisco, Colorado
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This tour crosses over the Continental Divide at about 12,000 feet and includes a brief stop for a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

The Performance Tour is restricted to single riders, no doubles, no children.

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Tour Option 2 | Performance Snowmobile Tour Leadville
This two hour guided snowmobile tour is the best option for riders looking for a fast and adventurous high mountain activity. You do not have to be an experienced snowmobiler to book this ride, but it is a favorite with the many locals who are looking for a snowmobile adventure. The friendly and experienced guides will give you a safety briefing and show you all the features of your Polaris machine including a tall windshield and built-in hand warmers. Then you will follow your guide up the trail to a free-time practice area where you can open it up and become more confident of your ability. After that, off you go, riding out into the mountains with a small group of single riders and your guide.

snowmobiling keystone
Snowmobile over the Continental Divide at 12,000 ft
Tour Option 4 | Vail Pass Snowmobile Tour
If you are an experienced snowmobile rider and 24 years of age or older
and would like to ride without a guide for a longer half or full day
ride, then this is the tour for you. Riders will meet in Redcliffe for
the check-in process – sign a liability release form, sign a rental
agreement, and receive a map of the Vail Pass Recreation Area with
beginner, intermediate and advanced trails. After check-in, you will
head out on your snowmobiles, for single and double riders the Yamaha
Mountain Venture Light, and for single riders with more experience the
Yamaha Nitro 4 or the Polaris RMK 600. Your check in in Redcliffe is at
the famous Mango's Restaurant where you will receive a 10% discount with
your rental, for your lunch after your morning or before your afternoon
tour, or for a meal after your afternoon or full day tour.
Self-guided snowmobile tours & rentals 
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Tour Option 6 | 3 Hour Georgia Pass Tour
For riders who would like a longer three hour tour and to carry a passenger, this extended tour will take you to the top of Georgia Pass on the Continental Divide. You will be able to explore the extensive trail system in the valleys of the Swan River. Due to the amount of time spent riding, this tour is not recommended for child passengers 12 and under.

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Guided snomobile tours near Keystone Colorado
Tour Option 7 | Half Day Camp Hale
For those who would like a longer guided tour and may want to take a passenger, this snowmobile tour is perfect for you. This snowmobile adventure is located at Camp Hale, near Vail, Colorado. Your guide will take you to hit endless miles of open meadows and to see some incredible 360-degree views of four different mountain ranges. This tour includes lunch on the morning option.

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Frisco Colorado snowmobile tours
Tour Option 5 | Snowmobile / Zip Line Action Combo
Experience the ultimate combination of a Two Hour, Performance, or Extreme snowmobile tour together with a winter zip line. After check-in at base camp at 10,000 feet, just below Fremont Pass near Leadville, snowmobilers will receive an opportunity for practice in a meadow before climbing on trails through the forest to play in high alpine meadows and back-country bowls. After returning to base, a delicious box lunch will be provided after a trip up to a high mountain yurt. Guests will receive a helmet and harness, learn about the equipment, then enjoy “Flight School” on a practice line before the ride up the mountain to the first take-off platform at 11,000 feet. The course has six separate zip lining sections, each with entirely different exciting elements of speed, height and terrain, with cables up to 850 feet, some more than 300 feet off the ground. 
Winter Zipline action combo with snowmobiling
Tour Option 8 | Full Day Camp Hale
For those who would like a full day experience with a guide who will take you to untracked powder in high alpine meadows at 12,500′, this is the adventure for you. The tour includes lunch and takes place at the National Historic Landmark of Camp Hale near Vail, Colorado.

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Full day snowmobile tours in Colorado
Tour Option 9 | Self Guided Camp Hale
Rent your own snowmobile to ride on over a 100 miles of pristine back country trails at the National Historic Landmark of Camp Hale near Vail, Colorado. The 10th Mountain Division trained at this property during World War II, fighting in the European Alps, before many of them returned to found ski companies in the area. With access to the Vail Pass Recreation Area within the White River National Forest, there is plenty of terrain for up to eight hours of riding. There is also a full service restaurant serving lunch daily. For more experienced single riders there are also high performance sleds for rent.

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Camp Hale snowmobiling near Vail CO